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Amazon Has Just Become Buy N Large

When Google entered the mobile device market, some were concerned with granting Google access to people's everyday activities. Google, afterall, makes its money from advertising. As mobile technology became more advanced, an entire chunk of modern economy shifted to mobile purchasing, and Google facilitated that movement by introducing new technology that made it easier for people to find things they wanted to buy. As a result, Google has become one of the most influential companies, but Amazon just may have struck a huge blow against it.


Today, Amazon announced the Fire Phone, a phone equipped with the new Firefly technology that scans objects with its camera and immediately offers the user an option to buy them with a touch of a finger. It's an insanely powerful tool to have for an internet commerce company. Aforementioned Google is still a search company. It's a middle man that connects its users to goods available online. The Fire Phone lets Amazon cut that middle man out.

The Fire Phone isn't Amazon's first mobile device, but with Firefly and the Fire Phone, Amazon has a way to reach into customers' buying habits in ways its tablets never could. While Amazon is new to the mobile phone market, it's a household name with millions of customers worldwide, so it may not be hard for Amazon to find many prospective buyers even if the phone was largely built as a sales tool. Afterall, concerns about online advertising didn't stop Google's Android platform from dominating the global phone market.

So what does it mean for the future of commerce and technology? I'm not sure. It depends on how well the Fire Phone does. With a $200 on-contract price tag, (which is a flagship phone price) and with its being exclusive to AT&T, it'll be a tough sell, but it's exciting, if tad frightening, to think of a future in which a device such as this is successful at its goal. Oh, and it also comes with a nifty 3D technology!


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