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Ambition Short Film Is Really Just An Advert For The Rosetta Mission

The six minute heavy CGI film stars Carcettifinger - ahem, Aiden Gillen in which he talks to a young apprentice attempting to terraform a planet about how important water is, and that we most likely received the water on Earth from a comet strike.


The acolyte then postulates "Are you talking about the Rosetta Mision?" to which the nanotech master replies that was just the beginning of surveillance of a comet and that the Ambition mission was able to actually capture it.

The short film does a good job of being a thought provoking platform with a dual purpose to increase excitement over how monumental the mission really is and what may come from the studies done on the rubber duck shaped icy rock. The film ends with the date to which the probe is to rendezvous with the speeding mass and that it will be live broadcast.

You can watch the film in the link I have provided above.

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