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American Gods Book Spoiler Thread Ep.1

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In lieu of our regularly scheduled GoT Book Spoiler Thread, I am proud to present a spoiler-filled thread for people who have read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Anansi Boys. Click to prove your love to Bilquis.


By Gaiman’s own observations, American Gods tends to be a love-it or hate-it book. I, for one, love it and would read it every year for the first few years after its initial release. My copy (and Anansi Boys) are personally signed by Gaiman, and though I own the “Director’s Cut” I have not yet read it. I haven’t read it in any form since about 2010, but I think it holds a special place because it came out soon after I discovered and finished Sandman. It filled that mythology-shaped hole in my heart after The Wake.


  • Way more dreamlike than the book, but that’s to be expected with Fuller. That tree scene was amazing.
  • Great way to get around the Low-Key/Loki conundrum by not even saying his name. I didn’t make the connection on the first read because I never said it aloud. I hope they keep that surprise for new viewers.
  • They left out Low-Key’s KFC speech, but I liked the way they had him appear in the airport to introduce the flashback.
  • OMG Bilquis! They actually did it. Nice job, but I don’t think the body horror came across as well. IIRC it was told from the man’s point of view and he opened his eyes once he was chest-deep and freaked out a little. Here he seemed to be okay with it. Shrinking the man lessened the squickyness of the whole affair. Starz, so you can show us a giant fake penis in Spartacus but not a giant fake vulva. Noted.
  • Shadow is perfect. Not quite as ethnically ambiguous as Book Shadow, but the actor got the character’s quiet strength.
  • Ian McShane wasn’t how I pictured Mr. Wednesday, either, but he nailed it, too.
  • I’m sorry, what is this flame-eyed buffalo? Is this going to be like the black stag/man from Hannibal?
  • Is that an AIBO in the opening credits?
  • Where is this alligator-themed bar and can I go to it?
  • The song selection was on-point!
  • Technical Boy and his goons are giving me a Beyond the Black Rainbow-meets-Chris Cunningham-meets-TOKYOPLASTIC vibe. Or maybe that’s because I watched the first one earlier today.

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