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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

American Gods Book Spoiler Thread Ep. 3

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You look to the moon and know what’s going to happen, but that’s because you already read the book. Click to find the soul of Mozambique.


Sorry this is late. Stuff came up.

  • Somewhere in America 1: The measuring of the woman’s heart brought tears to m eyes. I almost expected the mini Lying Cat to go with her, though.
  • Somewhere in America 2: This was exactly as it should have been, beautiful. I could read the guy’s inner monologue from the book on his face. I’d always been unclear if he became a djinn, but now it’s clear he just took on his assumed identity.
  • You know you’ve watched every single episode of The X-files when you can recognize a half-second cut of Gillian Anderson’s eye.
  • On second viewing, I realized that Mr. Wednesday is very deft at hiding his face from cameras.
  • I really wanted hot chocolate, but the cat on my lap wouldn’t let me.
  • Great visuals on the Shadow’s thinking of snow.
  • That there are many colors of Jesuses is very true. Guatemala has its own black Jesus.
  • Mexican Jesus totes hangs out with La Virgen de Guadalupe every other Tuesday. Their parties kind of look like a Lady Gaga video.
  • Anyone else notice that the Kinkos guy looked like White Jesus?
  • Lots of penises in this show. Game of Thrones has the reputation for it, thanks to South Park, but really there’ve been like 2 in five seasons. Here so far we’ve seen like 5 penises and most of them have been erect. By comparison, only 1 full-frontal female nude. I feel like I should start a weekly counter.
  • Really liked the addition to Sweeny’s story. Poor guy’s going to arrive at the House on the Rock a mangled mess.

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