Quickie history lesson for the upcoming premiere:

So, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are both playing well known New Orleans figures. Madame LaLaurie and Marie Laveau respectively. They're going to be enemies on the show, though in reality I'm not sure they crossed paths. But Madame LaLaurie is a notorious and real life evil fucking villain here. She was prominent and wealthy within the New Orleans social world of the early 1800's despite some rumors that she was mistreating slaves.* Including rumors that she had scared and chased a little girl right off the roof of her house. One day there was a fire at the house and when the firemen showed up...well...the rumors were correct and understatements. She had been torturing slaves. Mutilations. Torture. Experiments. The police and firemen said they had never seen atrocities so horrible. The people of New Orleans ransacked her house and ran her out of town. Evidence shows she probably died in France. Her house still stands, renovated obviously, in the French Quarter and is considered one of the most haunted places in the country. Nick Cage owned part of it for a while. (it is split into apartments and a large condo now.)

A real life evil if ever there was. Be prepared for some gruesome shit to go down on AHS this season.

Marie Laveau, I don't think had anything to do with her in reality. And stories about her and her daughter are often confused as the same person. But, awesome none the less. These are two very different women with two very different stories.


*(There were laws here about the treatment of slaves. This does not mean that things were wonderful. It was horrible on top of horrible. But the Catholicism of the French and Spanish lead to a different culture than the British states. Ie, slaves were allowed to read and write and congregate. They had to have Sundays off. They were allowed to make their own money. Families were not to be separated. ETc etc. The rules were not heavily enforced but these little differences in the laws made a big difference in the culture of the city. But that is a whole other history lesson on the development of Jazz and the Blues and African culture mixing with French culture here. It is a pretty fascinating subject to get into.)