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So yesterday I was finally able to see American Hustle, in preparation for the Golden Globes tomorrow which nominated that movie a bunch of times. No spoilers here that you can't get from the synopsis or trailer, but I do spoil the soundtrack a bit at the end.

So, what is American Hustle you say? Well, it's the story of a con man named Bruce Wayne. Bruce is an expert at conning desperate people out of their money and at selling fake painting. One day at a party he meets Lois Lane. The two rapidly fall in love and become partners in crime. They live a perfect life - or they would, if Bruce Wayne wasn't married to Mystique, a completely insane woman. He could divorce her, but if he did that, Mystique would surely keep the custody of her son, which Bruce adopted and consider as his own. And Batman doesn't want to leave his son with Mystique.

These marital trouble will come to the forefront when both Bruce and Lois are arrested by FBI officer Rocket Raccoon. Rocket will force them to work with him to catch some money-laudering crooks, but his ambition will soon drive him over the edge and together, Bruce, Rocket Racoon and Mystique will try to catch the upstanding mayor of Camden Clint Barton taking and offering bribes to rebuild a city. A game that will become even more dangerous when Lucifer himself gets involved...


So, how is it? It's pretty good. It is both tense and funny. Mystique is especially great. The middle 30-40 minutes is quite long and plodding, but then it kicstarts again and the last hour passes in no time.

But the very best thing about this movie is the soundtrack. Not only does it contain "A Horse With A No Name" and a Bond song (Live and Let Die), but it also has White Rabbit...in Arabic! How cool is that!

Thoughts? Question? Comment?

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