We already knew Amy was crazypants and Anne was not too far behind. But this week we see the depths of their craziness. We also find out what was going on in the abbey's basement. But that's not the only WTF moment from the episode. Spoilers ahead.

This week's episode is titled "Mother." Besides referring to the original plant that the infertility apples come from the idea of motherhood runs through a lot of the episode..

Julia meets Amy at the body burning party for Michael's dead followers. Amy stays on message demanding immortality (she figures out right away that Julia is a silver-eye) in return for Mother. Amy runs into Anne who doesn't want Mother to "fall into the wrong hands." At this point I'm not sure who the right hands would be. Julia isn't exactly a heroic figure this episode. More on that in a bit.

"The last thing the world needs is a forever Amy." You speak for all of us, Sergio. Besides, Julia hasn't been able to replicate the process that made Sarah a silver-eye. So not only does Amy not have Mother, Julia can't make Amy immortal.

Meanwhile Alan tells Winger that Kyle only has about 48 hours (or two episodes) at most to live if they don't find any red sap. Soren helpfully asks why not take him to the bleeding tree. Kyle keeps hallucinating about being bullied as a kid and becomes violent as the infection takes hold.


Peter is complaining to Anne about being up all night looking for Mother when Julia confronts him. Julia is so done with Peter (for good reason, as she reminds him). Julia then has a chat with Anne, who tells her that Amy is lying about Mother because the only people with access were Michael, Anne and her son Landry (cue record scratch).

Landry is Amy's brother! I should have connected the dots sooner and it explains why Michael spared him during his purge. But the hand jobs and Landry's obvious lust for Amy are just that much more creepy now. Amy is losing her cool with comatose Landry when Sarah is brought back. Apparently that locked room with the glass door wasn't so inescapable. Sarah tries to explain how medicine works but the science stuff bores Amy. She just wants results. Sarah examines Landry, gives him a shot then turns her back on him so he can surprise her. He drags Sarah off but runs into Anne and Julia.


While Amy is having the mother of all tantrums Landry heads to the bell tower (well, that's subtle) where he has hidden Mother. Sergio catches Amy trying to sneak up on him and wastes his first opportunity to kill her. Amy also channels a little Cheryl Tunt while Sergio is choking her.

Later in Michael's lab she gets slashy with a knife. Amy laughs when Sergio nicks her throat then licks his wound. Sergio blows his second chance to kill Amy. I know Sergio doesn't want to kill Amy yet because she may lead him to Mother but at a certain point the homicidal, horny craziness must be too much to bear.


Amy eventually leads Sergio to the bell tower where she and Landry used to play as kids (let's not think too much about that). Landry attacks Sergio. Landry falls down the tower. Amy finds the box containing Mother then stomps on Sergio's hand so he follows Landry.

Sarah isn't too thrilled with Julia's infertility plan and tells her she sounds "just like one of them" meaning Ilaria. Julia say that a new Narvik outbreak would be unstoppable but Sarah replies there's only one person she really cares about. So Julia and Sarah try to Sarah's baby out of Amy's office. Sarah notices the incubator is leaking (and mentions that Alan is the baby's father). They retreat to the lab to do science. Julia offers Sarah a job with Ilaria but she's not interested.

Anne may have sucked at convincing the remaining followers to side with her but she's good at working Peter. She uses a combination of motivational speaking and cult member recruiting on him to get Peter to follow her to the abbey's basement.


Peter opens a barrel of teeth which he connects back to the toothless skulls the team found way back in the first episode. "The vessel must be prepared," Anne tells him before turning out the lights.

Anne asks Morden's question of Peter. He evades then says he wants respect. She follows up with asking when he was most respected. After more evasiveness Peter admits it was when he was sick at Arctic Biosystems and king of the vectors. Anne is satisfied by this. She opens a door and leads Peter into the light.


Winger is finally able to contact her ship. Unfortunately it's being overrun by infected people. While Winger and her people mill around on the hilltop, Kyle talks Soren into cutting a hand loose even though Soren saw why Kyle had to be restrained in the first place. Kyle of course grabs Soren and runs off. Alan talks Kyle out of dropping Soren over a cliff. Then they realize they've found the bleeding tree.

Anne drones on about either being a man living in fear or man being feared as she leads Peter into the secret room in the basement. It's a baby factory. We knew Michael was trying to make another immortal but now we see the lengths he was willing to go in that quest. While Anne was a willing subject, women who weren't went to the basement to be strapped down on hammocks, "stripped of all non-essentials" like teeth and impregnated. Anne also calmly explains that after any of the pure vessels gave birth, Michael killed her. Because it's all about control and respect. Anne, your crazy is definitely showing. I don't think you would have hesitated to send your daughter Amy to the basement if she wasn't a willing participant of Michael's program.


Peter has a choice. he can either realize how crazy this all is and try to help the women. Or he can slit the wrists of the woman who just gave birth. Being Peter, he goes with the second option.

What could possibly come close in WTFery? Well, Sarah and Julia haven't figured out how to make Amy immortal. Julia wants Mother so she does some fast thinking and comes up with a plan - implant Sarah's immortal fetus in Amy (science!). Sarah doesn't like that idea at all.

  • My prediction: The implantation will make Amy a silver-eye but the fetus will become normal. The baby gets born normally most likely by being ripped out of Amy and put in someone else's womb (not necessarily Sarah's). The best choice for surrogate mother would of course be Olivia, "the bitch that stabbed me" as Sarah put it.
  • Sergio Balleseros wasn't an immortal last season and since Julia wasn't able to replicate the process with Sarah he didn't become one before going to the island. So I'm pretty sure he's really dead. But with this show you never know.
  • "We all sound the same underwater." A bit of a Lovecraftian touch.