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An Evening With Neil Gaiman

So last night I went to a reading, Q and A and book signing with Neil Gaiman. The Q and A was conducted by Mark Askwith, who is probably the King of the Nerds in Toronto, and a longtime friend of Gaiman's.

Neil read from The Ocean at the End of the Lane, as well as from his upcoming Children's book, Fortunately the Milk, which I shall be acquiring for my classroom when it comes out In Sept.


Then came the signing. The Danforth Music hall had sold out and it seats about 1100 people. They had us line up according to rows. Originally they were going to start at the front and work their way back, but Neil suggested a row lottery instead. We were unlucky, and it took until 1:20 AM until I finally was standing in front of Neil grinning like an idiot. He signed my Neverwhere map, from the DVD, and my copy of TOatEotL.

I had played over in my head what I might say when I got up to him but he probably had another hour of signing ahead of him yet, I didn't want to hold him up, so I said thank you and moved on.

Besides, we had to run to *just* make the last Subway train of the evening.

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