Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So I was reading this article over on The Mary Sue and Kevin Feige is basically telling everyone to hold their horse with the rumors about Johnny Depp being on the verge of starring and the list of directors that Marvel is choosing from. Then I had an idea.


First let me say that I truly hope that Marvel doesn't cast Johnny Depp in this movie. I have nothing against him as an actor or a person, he just doesn't interest me in this role. My question is why Stephen Strange has to be Caucasian at all. It really doesn't add anything to his character. In fact it always seemed strange to me that he, as a white American surgeon, would be drawn to alternative cures and ultimately a Himalayan temple to cure his hand.

Wouldn't it make sense for Marvel to cast an actor with an ancestral connection to the region to play the role of Doctor Strange? The writers could build into his back story that he was told stories of the magic as a child, maybe he even showed some innate ability, but his father demanded he ignore mysticism and focus on a real career. This small change to the character would explain how he became so focused on medicine to the point of being an egotistical jerk. It would also explain why, when faced with the fact that the injury to his hand would prevent him from continuing to be a surgeon, he would turn to magic to seek answers.

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