This should be my last post about Man of Steel (and there was much rejoicing). I downloaded the soundtrack yesterday and it's great. It's very Hans Zimmer-y so YMMV depending on how much you like his style. No spoilers (other than what's in the trailers).

The music posted, "An Ideal of Hope", is actually from one of the trailers where Russell Crowe is solemnly intoning about an "ideal to strive towards." This version isn't on the soundtrack but a longer slightly rearranged version is as 'What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?". I chose it since it clearly shows Zimmer's version of a Superman theme.


Hans Zimmer took on the task of writing music that will be compared to an iconic score by John Williams and in my opinion he succeeded. Zimmer's style is different enough from John Williams for his work to stand on its own.

On a side note, I was listening to the soundtrack while I was looking for an image for my Sally Ride post yesterday. The music was really fitting and inspiring. The National Guard is running a Soldier of Steel tie-in campaign. Maybe NASA should have done something similar.

EDIT: In the comments imaginaryfriend pointed me to an interview with Hans Zimmer. I would have never guessed that Sheila E was one of the drummers on the soundtrack.