(Not something I am truly concerned about, really a stupid question, but it just kind of popped out at me and is now stuck in my head so ... )

Jeremy Clarkson has been terminated (or will not have his contract renewed, whatever) and on various sites this morning I have been reading how the loss of Mr. Clarkson will kill Top Gear and, by extension, is the death knell of BBC America. Now, while I can slightly see the reasoning I do not buy into that argument, and of course we will have to wait and see what happens with Top Gear, but realistically could the loss of Top Gear cause cable/satellite systems to cut BBC America (and by extension our easy viewing of Who)? Thanks.

[edit] Actually, just in general, could a loss in some of the Top Gear revenue stream affect Doctor Who or BBC programming in general*?

*Full disclosure that I have never quite understood how the BBC operates. I understand where the money comes from, but I have never quite gotten my head around how they, for example, justify the salaries of some on-air talent, or greenlight or budget series, etc.