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It's February and apparently there is no real news in the world, so website after website has been talking about Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD). I'll join in.

CAD is a joke

Much like Christians for Michele Bachmann or Betty Bowers or Landover Baptist, CAD is a satirical web presence. It's not serious, it's making a joke, although the point of the joke is that it's people saying things that sound like they might be real: the joke is Poe's Law. Much like those three websites, the primary joke of CAD is that Christians say ridiculous things sometimes, and they want to push the ridiculous level up to 11.


What is the joke?

The joke of CAD is that dinosaurs were invented, and are promoted, by people to promote atheism and homosexuality. To use an example from one of their Facebook pages:


What's the point of CAD?

The point of CAD is, like C4MB, to be ridiculous in order to make fun of someone else. CAD is making fun of Christians who do not accept the vast evidence that evolution is true. They're making fun of Megan Fox (the homeschooling mother, not the Hollywood actress) and Ken Ham, who they may or may not be intending to take "direct action against." Looking around at their web presence (Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr! Google Plus! Pinterest! Youtube!) I don't see any stores so I think they're not making any money off their jokes yet.


Does CAD help?

In the real world there are people who don't think that scientists are honest: they think that aspects of the fossil record are being lied about in order to make claims that (intentionally or unintentionally) diminish the majesty of the Christian God. These people are scattered all around the world, and in the US they can be found in your local school boards or your state legislatures or even in your federal government. These people are not helping the world, and if CAD was doing something to help diminish the power of those people, then CAD would be helping the world.


Young-Earth creationists (YECs) of a Christian persuasion have been trying, for over a century, to create a false dichotomy between faith and science: to create this notion that True Christians cannot believe in evolution, and that evolution was invented, and is promoted, by people to diminish Christianity. This is a serious issue; it's why Ken Ham's semi-successful ability to be a scam artist is of actual concern in the real world, because it's concerning that people of faith in the 21st century think scientists are liars. CAD is making fun of YECs, which is a proven way to not actually successfully engage them.

Is CAD going to culture jam?

Every so often a joke website occurs in order to lure in people, go viral, and then use that viral popularity in order to make a point to a bigger audience than it could ever make without the virality. This is a form of culture jamming, something which I highly admire The Yes Men for doing fairly successfully. Maybe CAD is going to do something like this? Maybe they have files from Ken Ham's personal emails wherein he admits to being a scam artist? And they'll post those once they get enough members on their Closed Facebook Group? If so, then...


CAD, either put up or plz stahp

CAD, I understand that you're an amorphous group composed of a bunch (100ish?) people who have enough free time to run a Twitter page and make YouTube videos and moderate a Closed Facebook Group. But obviously you're a group of people who think that making fun of YECs is a good idea. You think that by out-crazying them, in a parody way, you are somehow either helping the world, or helping the world be funnier, or are maybe planning to help the world in the near future.


I don't see how you're helping if your intention is either of those first two things.

If you're trying to help the world, your work seems to not help one bit, as website after website writes inane articles about how they "can't tell" if you're a joke or not.


If your point was to show that online news can't tell if you're a joke or not, then, congrats, you got it, well done, good work. You have exposed online news as being bad at times. You get the world's smallest trophy.

If you're trying to be funny, then why not just go full-satire? The Onion is doing fairly good business because they've fully embraced their satirical potential and just run with it.


If your point is to do some culture jamming, you have probably hit the limit of your viral popularity, you might as well put up the brilliant content you intended to put up while you still are getting a good number of page views.

You've been trying to do something big online since … September of last year, at least. This month, you folks got a huge increase in Internet Popularity. The iron is hot! Strike it while you still have an audience, or else you're gonna end up another meme buried in the sands of time, like our poor imaginary dinosaur friend the Yee.


CAD is satire. It is trying to help "the culture wars" by being blatantly over-the-top. That doesn't help anyone but their pageviews. Either they need to make their non-satirical point or they need to stop not helping.



They made a non-satirical point! They want your money.


A satire web presence pretending to be a church, asking for money. What could possibly go wrong?

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