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An Update on my tooth and shout outs

Hey Niners, just wanted to give an update on my Need To Vent post I did earlier this weekend.

I went to the dentist today to get the chipped tooth checked out. Apparently, I have about 9 other cavities that I didn't get filled in the last time I was there and the chipped tooth was one of them. We can't save the tooth and I have a slight infection and a abscess in the nerve but I don't have to get a root canal because it's too far. On the bright side, I'm not freaking out and my dentist assure me that anything they do, I won't feel a thing and I can wear my headphones while they work on my mouth.


I also wanted to give a shout out to those who read my post but wanted a very special one to Vallero, LizTaylorsEarrings,GhostOfHongKongCavalier, ABlackPanther and RadioSilence. For your kind and encouraging words, I present this gif:

And my one of my favorite K-Pop video:


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