Before we start, put on your tin foil hats.

A few days ago, Google announced that it bought Boston Dynamics along with several other robotics companies. Of course, it was easy to draw comparison between it and Cyberdyne Systems, but no... we were looking at it from the wrong angle.

Google's strength is data mining; more specifically its ability to predict human behavior to make data mining more useful and more fruitful. And the culmination of Google's intent to take over every aspect of people's lives? The Android platform on which Google's software predicts human behavior and emulates human interaction. Google's device that's designed to offer the purest Android experience? The Nexus series!


And it so happens that its curren flagship device is called Nexus 5.

You know what's Google's building next, with the technical expertise Boston Dynamics will bring...


Nexus 6! An Android device!!!


art by superiorgraphix