On my way in to work this morning and nothing good on the radio. So I turn it to CNN for a few minutes, thinking a few minutes of what's going on in the world won't hurt. I was wrong.

Admittingly it started out fine. They had an expert on to talk about the meteor from last night. Good stuff, some basic physics being thrown around, stuff I'm sure the average CNN viewer has most likely forgotten. All around a decent, entertaining distraction from my drive in.

But the hosts would NOT. SHUT. UP.

They had to quip in every other sentence with a lame joke or asking "Is this going to kill us all" and other dumbass stuff. Hey, jerkwads, maybe let the expert inform your audience? Since you obviously don't care about informing them yourselves?

Is this what news is, now? No facts or real information? Just buzz words of the day, fear mongering, and stupid jokes?

At least when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert do it it's done in the name of satire.