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Good day citizens. Just wanted to report from more bugs I've seen on the beta site... mostly on the mobile platform.

So, first of all, the NuDeck won't load properly on mobile Safari, which is to say my iPhone. Only the first comment will load, all the others will be squished at the bottom of the page, over each other, so it's just a cacophony of words shoved on top of each other.


You can log in on the mobile site, but you can't comment. A box will pop up but it won't allow you to type in it.

On the regular desktop site, I've noticed sometimes the comment on the right will be half-way over the... I don't know, barrier or something? It's half readable and half fuzzy because it's right in the middle of the comment window. When you click the next button, it slides all the way on the other side, disappearing completely, so you can't read it at all. I'm running the latest Firefox on a Win7 machine, if that helps.

Last one. I was trying to read the NuDeck at work (shhh, don't tell!) and it was really fubar'd. Comments will not load AT ALL. The post will load, no problem, but there will be no comments no matter what you do. Click on the button under the posters screen name that has the number of comments and nothing will happen. You can't right click anywhere on the page. That is a problem in IE8 (I know, I know...) on a WinXP machine (I KNOW...).

Also, every morning I wake up and I see an ant on my bathroom counter. Just one lone ant. Every day I kill him and every day he comes back. I know it isn't the same ant but damned if it isn't starting to feel like a page out of the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics. Can tech support help me with THAT kind of bug too? ;D

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