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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

And now for something that is NOT a second grade math problem

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Okay, I've found out that a dessert contest has been added to something that I'm supposed to be doing on the 26th anyway. I don't know that I'm really great at homemade desserts, but I don't think I'm really bad at it either. The prize is $50. In theory, there could be as many as 300 of us, but usually there's between 50 and 80 of us. Not everyone going will bring a dessert (and not everyone bringing a dessert will bring a homemade dessert for the contest), but everyone has to bring something. And if I read this correctly, everyone entering the contest needs to bring a side dish in addition to the dessert, just in case.


Okay, I'm short on money right now. As in, really short on money, and my husband just found out that he doesn't have a job anymore, and you don't get unemployment right away and you don't get the first week's money until after the fifth week or something.

Should I a.) bring cheap dessert that wouldn't be in the contest, b.) try to figure out something for the contest mainly made of stuff I already have, or c.) seriously try to win contest.

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