You all know that I'm all over things when it comes to smartphones and tablets and tech in general. I am absolutely passionate about all that and knowing as much as I can about it, you all also know I'm beyond approachable when it comes to asking about any of that and I'll do my best to recommend stuff tailored to your needs for any of it. As for my credentials on all this, I totally have those!

And I've officially lost quite a few of you.

That said, it seems that over the past week, I've seen quite a few "I made this to help you all decide" sites pop up and get mentioned and out of all of them I've seen not a one has really piqued my interest or struck me as "perfect to share with non-techies". Until now and hot diggity is it a beauty.

I present to you all the "Smartphone Comparison Chart" in all its incredibly user friendly and easy to understand glory! Screenshots of course shall be shared so you can see for yourselves without having to visit yourselves if you don't wish to.


What I really like is that you can set parameters over on the left side to narrow things down and that definitely helps people find the phone that is right for them.

Not everyone wants a tiny phone. Not everyone needs a phablet. Some people want a phone with user expandable storage. Some want the lightest phone possible. And so on and so forth.


There's a quick example of me tailoring the parameters per my preferences. I won't use a phone that's under 5 inches in size or that has anything less than 2 GB of RAM. Price isn't really an issue either, but I don't want to skimp out or pay too much money for one. Etc etc etc.

If you're in the market for a new device and don't know exactly what you want but have a rough idea of the specs that you're shooting for give the link a visit and see what comes up for you. If you've got any additional questions at that point feel free to hit me up and I'll do my best to help you. Like I've said before to plenty of people on here, I'm always around and can usually be found. (At worst just find one of my posts and leave me a comment there.)

If you're just a wee bit more choosy and knowledgeable there's always the "Phone Finder" on GSM Arena. Although it definitely isn't presented as nicely as the previously shared site/link. Then again I suppose that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just consider yourselves forewarned, that one has so many possible options to make choices over. Like whoa.


Anyway, that's all I have for you today and everyone have a great weekend! I might be at work right now, but mentally I was gone for the weekend moments after I woke up. Everyone be safe...