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And now we bring you, you specifically, to The Weather

Not sure how many of you fine folks are fans of Welcome to Night Vale (it should be all of you), nor am I sure how many of you are musicians, nor am I sure what the Venn Diagram of those two groups is.

If, however, you’re a musician interested in being featured in Night Vale’s weather reports, or if you know someone who might fit that criteria, the team at Welcome to Night Vale has opened up submissions for The Weather. As this is, like 75-90% of where I hear new music since moving away from my awesome hometown’s awesome independent radio station, I’m really excited that they’ve opened up submissions, even though I’m not, personally a musician.


For anyone unfamiliar with the show, you should fix that right away. But also, Welcome to Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, whose hundredth episode came out today (which, doing the math, factoring in a couple odd breaks in airing of regular episodes and predictable numbering scheme, puts it at right around 4 years old). It’s the half-hour news report from a town in the middle of a vast desert where strange, impossible things are completely commonplace. Near the end of every episode, there’s a Weather report, which is just a cool song the creators like.

Rules, submission guidelines, a pinch of Night Vale weirdness.

Tell a friend, or, at least, whisper it into the microphone the Sheriff’s Secret Police embedded in the houseplant that they embedded in your living room.

(I haven’t been much of a poster, commenter, or even much of a lurker lately. I hope sharing this is kosher)

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