Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So I recently decided to take a whack at Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Part of it was that I've been trying to play some of the classic RPGs recently (I've also finished Fallout and am close to finishing Planescape: Torment). Part of it was that BG2EE is coming out soon. And another large part of it was that I have a friend who worked on the game's update and wanted to see their work firsthand. In any case, I made the purchase and sat myself to starting a game. Herein I describe what I've accomplished so far.

In making my character, I decided to go with a half-orc cleric. I didn't really have a firm idea of what to play going in but I decided, despite knowing that there's a canonical version of the Bhaalspawn running around in the Realms, to pretend as though I'd never heard of Baldur's Gate before purchasing BGEE and instead play the game as I would if it was an entirely new experience.


I have a strange affinity for half-orcs, possibly because I like to play against type or possibly because I identify with the idea of feeling like the odd man out (or maybe just because my first character in NWN2 was a half-orc), so after I decided I wasn't going to play a human (as I considered initially) I chose to make my character a half-blood. As for class I'd initially considered playing a wizard, since I enjoyed the mage class in both Dragon Age games but since half-orcs can't be wizards in 2nd edition I decided instead to go with a cleric. And since on my first crack at an RPG I tend to play characters pretty close to myself in temperament I decided to select Lathander as my god out of the three available for selection, since I intended to play a good character. After all this I went back and changed my portrait to one I found online, seeing as the only half-orc portrait included with the game didn't really seem a close fit for my character.

I'm not very far in the game yet but I've already acquired a full party plus some (Imoen, Montaron, Xzar, Jaheira, Khalid, Rasaad, Minsc, and Dynaheir). At the moment I'm busy scouring the Nashkel Mines, a quest that seems to have been dropped on me somewhat suddenly but which I have a feeling is probably important.

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