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And Suddenly I Really Really Want to play Pathfinder

To my dismay I have not really played much in the way of table top games. Dungeons and Dragons a couple of times scattered here and there and a huge dungeon crawler with great set up at Comicpalooza last year. Funny because both I and my roommate are really interested in getting into RPGs. Unfortunately it is just us, getting my Cutie to play would be like pulling teeth, and my weird work hours makes it hard to find a group.

I found this Wrath of the Righteous through the magic of Tumblr though. NPCs include a lesbian couple, a human trans woman rogue and half-orc cis rogue. And hints apparently the creator of their version of tarot was a trans woman.


Ahh! That is AMAZING! I really really want to try this! Has anyone played this? Anyone have any suggestions for getting into Pathfinder?

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