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And the Hellatus Begins (Spoilers, Natch)

I had been wishing this show would finale the same week as S.H.I.E.L.D., but fuck that noise. Even if I was sure...some things were on the table, I honestly didn't think they would happen.

So let's start at the end:


The Blade wins. Crowley wins. The bromancing Sam accused Dean of is impending. Because even though Gadreel turned to the side of good, and they managed to get into Metatron's office and break the angel tablet while he's on Earth pretending to be a bashful Messiah, Metatron kills Dean.

Oh, yeah. This is the end of season 2 with a sprinkling of our first official Hellatus working, all over again. Isn't it? Crowley even comments, as Sam tries to summon him to fix things.


Anyone who says Jared's acting hasn't improved by leaps and bounds since the series started is just not watching my show, but that's a pointed aside. He's heartbreaking here as he unknowingly goes through the actions that Dean did when Sam was killed. Tend to the corpse (he's been wiped clean of blood which hitched my breath even more), lay it out on a bed, and DRINK. Then get to demon summoning.


But Crowley, as mentioned, is finally on top of things and gets to Dean first. The Mark and the Blade are powerful things, and just placing the blade in Dean's corpse's hand is enough to transition him over to the dark side.


Now the first thing I'm doing in my mental fixit is the demon curing spell. I don't know about you guys. Problem is, I think I do know about Jeremy Carver, and he's not.

So I'm all


even if Metatron is all:


(We do know Castiel can't revive Dean, but could none of the angels....then again, twu wuv kept Cain on the straight and narrow for decades)

Anyway, I have to go sob now, or find a new fandom, or something.


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