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Ladies and germs, to celebrate the third birthday of the app Cerberus is free today only! Usually you get the 7 day free trial and then have to purchase the pro license through the app itself. Not so today. Until 11 PM if you register a new account in the app you get that free. Confirmed in two emails you'll receive shortly thereafter.

Also of note is a new Radar Mode, which basically guides you to a lost device. The downside of course is that this is for new accounts only. Luckily, for us users with accounts already, we can just create a new username and sign up with a new email address and we get that too.

Why are you still reading? Go get this app. Even if you have it already!

You can read more over at Android Police.

For those of you who are already using the app and want to get in on the new feature, here's how you can do that.


First off, visit the webaccess page for the app. Once you've done that find your device on the top right, select it and then on the right side of the page click on Device Settings. Then just delete it from your that account. After that, on your device, uninstall the app. Fire up the Play Store and then reinstall it and launch it. You should be able to setup a new account at that point. Just remember to use a new username and email address for signing up, otherwise it won't work.

And just so you know, I tried this all myself just now and I can verify that it worked perfectly. You have until 11 PM today to get this done, but don't dilly dally. It won't take more than 5 minutes to do, so just get it out of the way as soon as you can.

UPDATE: So umataro42 did some digging and the new Radar Mode feature is baked into the app from the get go, even for people already with accounts. To make use of it thought you need the Client Cerberus app, which would be the app you use on another device to locate your lost one.

So it can be used by everyone. Just FYI. Felt that was worth mentioning. Thanks buddy for tracking down that info!


So no need to do all that stuff I mentioned previously to get a new account. Unless you just want to do that to get an extra license and cover 5 more devices. So now I can cover 10 devices (5 and 5) using my 2 usernames. So that ain't too shabby and I highly recommend this app in general. I use it myself, although I've had no need to use it so far [knocks on wood] because I haven't lost any of my devices or had any get stolen. And here's hoping that never happens.

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