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(Android) Deal Alert: Enpass Password Manager

This one I was almost tempted to wait on, but since it’s time sensitive (today only) I really couldn’t. Plus it’s about a password manager and I’ve made the point before that they are incredibly useful and should be used by everyone. I mean using one is easy peasy and it beats the traditional default of using one password for everything, which is a serious security no no.

Enpass Password Manger, for today only, is free for all Android users. The plus of this is you’re basically saving $10 (one time fee) for what appears to be a pretty good password manager. None of your data is hosted online, save for whatever data you have it encrypt locally (on your device) and then sync to your preferred cloud storage provider (and again, it’s encrypted and only you have the master password to access it).

Setting up the app is as simple as visiting the Play Store and installing it and then running it. First time users just select that they’re new users and then everything just kinda goes from there to letting you select the Gmail account you want your pro license to be tied to and within seconds you’re told you’re good to go.


I personally use LastPass, which I think I have still covered for another year or so but hey another option is always great to have on hand. Especially when it’s free! So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t using a password manager currently then now you have no excuse not to do so. More so because it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a Chrome extension. So get to downloading already!

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