Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hello folks. I know you expect Android related news from me on Wednesdays, but today is special.

1. It's Friday and payday and my best friend's birthday.

2. I'm getting out early.

So I'm in an extra good mood. That said, Unified Remote Full is on sale! It normally goes for $3.99 I believe, today you can have it for $0.99.


What does the app do? Well, basically let you control your computer from your phone. I mean completely. You can control Windows Media Player, Chrome, Netflix, Pandora, Google Play Music, etc. There is pretty much nothing on your computer you can't control with this app.

Honestly, I bought it like a year back (also while on sale) and I've used it regularly ever since. I'm talking multiple times a week. It is the perfect app for those of us with a lazy streak.


It should be noted that you will need to install the client server part of the app on your desktop/laptop before being able to have fun with the app. But that really should be a given and understood.

Don't hesitate to pick this up while it's on sale. Even if you don't need to use it now, there will come a day where you'll likely find use for it.


You can read a little bit more about it on Android Police, which can be found here. And of course Artem's reaction pretty much sums things up regarding this app.


Oh yeah, a new app just came out today that will check for vulnerabilities for the Heartbleed bug on your various Android devices, it's by the same people who found the "Master Key" bug ages ago. So they know what they're doing.


If security is a concern for you, and it damn well should be, install the app which can be found here, run it and then alert any developers if you see any apps on your device showing up as having the vulnerability. Netflix is vulnerable, just FYI and people have already started emailing them to fix that.

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