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Angela is Thor's what?! Marvel's Original Sin retcon plans

Every big event is since Secret Wars has been promised to change things forever - sometimes changes stick, and sometimes they don't. Whatever the outcome, Original Sin is set to be a doozy.

Like J.R. or Mr. Burns before him, Uatu's been shot, and everyone wants to know who dunnit. It seems telling that the press releases ask who "shot" him and not who "killed" him, so maybe the Watcher isn't down for the count just yet - but either way, Marvel is promising big secrets to shake the universe's history. Some make story sense, some are natural extensions of recent stories, but some are so far out of left field, even the Babe couldn't've called 'em.


Thor is Angela's brother?

Iron Man created the Hulk?

Spider-Man wasn't the only one bit by that radioactive spider? (Check out "Silk")

All this sounds nuts - interesting, but nuts.

Strangest to me is Angela being Thor and Loki's sister. "10th Realm" or no, she has several times been described as something no existing (not omniscient) race has ever encountered before, but if she was even part Asgardian, it seems like that would've come up, no?


Also, you'd think Angela would put a little more on when meeting the family...

Original Sin #0 came out last week, Original Sin #1 comes out May 7th.

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