So my previous experience with anime was pretty much Akira, most of Studio Ghibli's catalogue, A Wind Named Amnesia, Grave of the Fireflies, Neon Genesis Evangelion and the occasional episode of Dragonball Z.

Recently, I discovered Crunchyroll (and other Sites) and decided to broaden my horizons a bit at the ripe old age of 30.


So far I've watched all of the remakes of Evangelioin, Death Note, half of Hellsing, most of Planetes, and about half of Attack on Titan.

Holy shit, Attack on Titan. Just... just... that is some intense shit, yo.

Anyone have any recommendations for me?

EDIT: Holy crow, so many recommendations! Thank you all so much! Looks like I have enough here to last me the rest of my natural life. You all rock so hard!