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Anime Opening Theme Bracket: Elite 8

Welcome back to the Anime Opening Bracket. 8 anime openings remain to be voted on. And this is going to be the toughest round yet. Which openings will fail to make it to the Final 4? It’s time to vote and decide.

That last round was difficult one wasn’t it? As some may have noticed, we actually had one match-up end in a tie. So a highly scientific method involving the terms “head”, “tails”, and “coin-toss” was used to decide the winner, and that honor went to Trigun. The Evangelion vs Full Metal match-up looked like it might have tied up as well, but FMA faltered at the end.


For this round you only have to make 4 decisions. Simple enough yet I suspect they will be the most difficult ones so far.

Remember that you can click the show title to see the intro on Youtube

Cowboy Bebop vs Gundam Wing


Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex vs .hack//SIGN


Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Samurai Champloo


Trigun vs Lupin the Third


And that’s it for this round. You’ve got until noon tomorrow to get your votes in. Final Four will take place on Wednesday, and then we’ll decide the victor on Friday. Nearly done.

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