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Anime Opening Theme Bracket: Final Four

It’s time for the Final Four. We started with 64 anime openings, but only 4 remain to fight for the top spot. Which two will survive the day to make it to the Final? Go vote, and we’ll find out.

That last round was fairly brutal. Thankfully, there were no ties, but there was at least one unexpected result. I would not have guessed that Trigun would triumph over Lupin. But that’s how these things turn out sometimes. Cowboy Bebop won handily, and Evangelion managed to squeeze through yet once more. But will they manage to hold out over Ghost in the Shell and Trigun?


Only two votes this time. Couldn’t be simpler.

Cowboy Bebop vs Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex

Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Trigun


As always, you’ve got until noon to vote. Final round will be Friday. Good luck and good voting.

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