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Anime Opening Theme Bracket: Final Round

And here we are. We started out with 64 fantastic anime opening theme songs, and after some extremely tough battles, we are ready to decide which anime opening is the best of them all. Which one will it be?

I have to say, that was not how I expected that last round to turn out. The Trigun fans have really pushed that show farther than I imagined. When conceptualizing this bracket, I fully expected the final round to be Cowboy Bebop vs Evangelion. It was a discussion about those two shows that inspired this. But that’s the nature of Bracket Madness. You can never predict what the results will be.


Only one choice this time. Who will it be? Tank! from Cowboy Bebop or H.T. from Trigun? Let’s find out.

Cowboy Bebop



You’ve got till Sunday at noon to vote. Winner will be announced on Monday. Thanks for playin’.

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