We’re back with the Anime Opening Theme Bracket Madness (that’s quite wordy). It’s the second round which means we’re down to 32 contenders for the top spot. Which ones will survive to make it to the Sweet 16? It’s time to vote and find out.

So, as you may have noticed, didn’t quite get the post up on Monday. Instead this will be a weekly vote on each Wednesday. But enough on that, let’s discuss what happened last round. Because there were some very interesting results.

The top seeds were picked by me, but everything else was decided with a randomizer. And so top seeds Death Parade and Paranoia agent both fell to their respective competitors. Elsewhere we saw Air squeeze past Chobits, and Tengen Toppa barely managed to defeat Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!. Nothing else was particularly close.

Tough choices this time around. Two of the top seeds remain. Can Blood+ and Nichiou stage upsets? Will the Lucky or the Outlaw be the true Star? And which anime opening will be the darkhorse? Vote below to decide.


Region 1

1. Cowboy Bebop vs 8. Blood+


2. Gundam Wing vs 10. Sailor Moon

6. Pokemon vs 14. Bleach


12. Lucky Star vs 13. Outlaw Star

Region 2

3. Gintama vs 11. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


9. Elfen Lied vs 16. .hack//SIGN

10. Noragami vs 15. Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex


12. Black Lagoon vs 13. Gundam Seed

Region 3

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion vs 8. Nichjiou


3. Death Note vs 6. Slayers

4. Full Metal Alchemist vs 12. Knights of Sidonia


7. Samurai Champloo vs 15. Hellsing

Region 4

2. Berkserk vs 7. Lupin the Third


5. Trigun vs 13. Air

8. Durarara vs 16. Attack on Titan


11. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vs 14. Soul Eater

And that’s it until next week. You’ve got until noon tomorrow to get your votes in.