And we’ve reached the Sweet 16 phase of the Anime Opening Theme Bracket. Only 16 anime openings remain to be decided on. Which ones will survive to see the Elite 8? And which ones will be found wanting? Let’s vote and find out.

Well, that last round was one for surprises. Sailor Moon was knocked out of the running, a shock to many. And Gintama getting bumped for Tengen Toppa was a personal surprise. But that’s the way these things go sometimes. Two of the top seeds remain. Will Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion manage to survive to the final?

Only 8 votes this time. Some tough match-ups though. Genuinely don’t have a guess for how a couple of these are gonna end up. Should be close scores.

Region 1

Cowboy Bebop vs Outlaw Star


Gundam Wing vs Bleach

Region 2

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex


Black Lagoon vs .hack//SIGN

Region 3

Neon Genesis Evangelion vs Full Metal Alchemist


Death Note vs Samurai Champloo

Region 4

Trigun vs Attack on Titan


Lupin the Third vs Soul Eater

And that’s it for this round. You’ve got till noon tomorrow to get your votes in. And the next round will be Monday of next week. It’ll be rapid fire then till the finish. So look forward to it.