Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

That trailer-iffic banter is nice, but what you really came for is the Qapla'!

The design looks similar to the classic Klingon ship, but is it just me... or did the Wings 'flap'? At one point they're in a more 'traditional' BoP shape:


But then in another, the wings are flatter, angled upwards (the difference can be more extreme, but it was hard to get a grab that wasn't incomprehensibly blurry)...

That's a potentially interesting design change. I'd assume they're not flapping like an actual Bird would, and it's more like an air brake/aerodynamic mechanism... thing.

I wonder what planet they're on then, if it's the one from the trailers full of Klingons, and there's Birds of Prey flying about. The architecture looks like it could fit in with the new Klingon's look - maybe it's JJ's take on Qo'noS?

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