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Another idiot crushed under the heel of the 'Streisand Effect'

So a Hotelier, here in the UK charged a customer £100 for leaving a 'bad review' on TripAdvisor. Well, yeah, this couple took it to social media (and their lawyers) and now its pretty much everywhere. This is my effort to help the 'Effect' along... :p


Well, it seems the local council stepped in and locked that shit down with Trading Standards and now the entire country 'knows' what a dump this hotel (which might have just been having a bad day and isn't that bad) is.

Suffice to say, there was almost no way this was going to end well for Mr Hotel. I'm fairly sure his surchage was never, ever going to stand up to any scrutiny, smallprint be damned, and he would end up paying the Small Claims Court fees (£100-£200 last time I checked.)

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