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Another solid episode for SHIELD

SHIELD is on the way to become a legitimately good show if it keeps that up. I hope we get to see Victoria Hand a bit more - she clearly knows how to read and manipulates people, and she's not as antagonistic as I remember - she was slightly villainous in the comic, though, right? If I remember correctly, she was Osborn's right-hand woman when he was head of HAMMER (aka SHIELD)? So it'll be interesting to see where she goes.

Again, a lot of character development for everyone. Last episode serve to deepen Simmons, this one serves to deepen Fitz. Ward also got some more layers, so did Skye and Coulson.


I hope they focus on May a bit more though - for the moment she mostly serves as Coulson's foil and sounding board - a job she does admirably, and I really like their interactions, but I think she needs a bit more of her own stuff to do. I hope it happens soon!

So yep, liked that episode a lot! And I feel no shame in saying it!

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