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Hello and welcome to WednesdayBookClub! My name is Geesejuggler and once again, I decided to post a fancy-schmancy picture for Book Club today. I ran across this one on pinterest and loved it. I'm writing this Tuesday night so this is from Past Juggler to future Niners. Watch out for the ham sandwich in the fridge. It fights back, if you catch my drift.

So I haven't read anything but for once I will explain why. If you don't care, just scroll down til you see the "Back to Book Club" section


I work as a knitting instructor at two stores and at a botanic garden in the youth education department. I've been working extra hours at the Youth Ed job since this is a busy season (Literally hundreds of kids for weeks straight) and at the stores. I usually don't work a lot but things have been picking up lately. I also have to save up for 2 trips and to pay AuntJuggler back for the money she lent me for the laptop (My Precioussssss!!). Its a bigger deal to me than it is to her but it still needs to be dealt with.

Along with the money I have to save for the trips, the manager at one stores was trying to get a new instructor in (Super long story short, 2 managers are passive aggressive and won't let me do my job despite how good I am at it) so I decided to save her the trouble and resigning on the 31st. I'm now putting in applications to different places now so happy thoughts in that general directions.

I literally worked 7 days straight and would have worked to Friday if it hadn't been for fluke of a chance and on top of that, we just had a death in the family. Don't worry, I'm not over doing it and I'm not saying all of this to get sympathy.


I'm saying all of this for this point: I'm a sleepy panda...Or juggler. Wait, what in the name of Odin's Beard am I? Seriously, chances are that by the time you're reading this, either I'm working or I will be this panda. Adorable and passed on a random surface.

Back to Book Club!! I think I might hit the library next week and get some books. What have you all read this week and what do you suggest for me to look out for?

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