Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, I came across this bit of rumor-mongering, which would be fair enough if it were true. But you know what I'd prefer? Muddier waters than an obvious hero-villain story.

It's sort of been tried before. In Spider-Man 3, one of the plots crammed in was Sandman, and pains were taken to make him a sympathetic villain.


What I'd like to see in Ant-Man is even further down that road. Scott Lang steals the suit from Hank Pym because he needs the tech to steal something else because... I don't know, reasons. Probably the comics already have the reasons.

Pym then has to take matters into his own hands because it's his tech and no one can do anything about it but him.

Lang's heist is in progress when Pym catches up to him, and then it is revealed that the thing being robbed is something from a Very Bad Dude. Maybe it's the Red Skull. Maybe it's just the Kingpin. But the Ant-Men have to book it out of there as a team, barely surviving the evil clutches because face it, neither of these dudes are really superheroes.

The win is that the Maguffin was retrieved in the process and it can go guffin things now, and Pym and Lang decide to, I dunno, team up or something, but for Good and probably Science.


TL;DR: I'd like for the focus to be on the relationship between Pym and Lang, with the "Bad Guy/ARCHENEMY ZOMG" thing – which is already feeling a little played out – being just a third act set-piece cameo sort of deal.

Just for something a bit different, y'know?

What do you lot think?

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