If you’ve been watching the internet today like I have because COMIC CON is coming at us fast and hints and updates and nuggets of information about all things awesome are sure to start hitting the ‘net very soon, you might have noticed that reviews for Ant-Man have started to appear online. Well guess what? So have some tasty Ant-Man spoilers!


Over at Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnson has posted an article outlining a bunch of cameos and spoilers and connections to the MCU that he saw in an advanced viewing. I am going to summarize what he saw, and if you continue reading, IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT.




  • We see young Hank Pym at SHIELD alongside aged Howard Stark and Peggy Carter (yes!) in 1989. Pym does not like the idea of SHIELD having his technology, and is not a fan of Stark’s;
  • As we saw in the trailer, when Scott Lang told Pym that they should call the Avengers, Pym actually responds that they are “too busy dropping cities out of skies;”
  • Lang’s crime that lands him in jail involves using computers to embezzle money (a la Pryor in Superman III);
  • Someone has a Ten Rings neck tattoo;
  • Old footage of Pym as Ant-Man is shown wherein he fights some soldiers while wearing his suit. Pym brushes it off as propaganda and “Tales to Astonish!” (Where did Ant-Man debut again?);
  • Falcon has more than a cameo. Part of the movie takes place at the Avengers base seen at the end of Ultron, and Sam Wilson is there. A fight occurs. He remarks to someone that “It’s really important that the Captain doesn’t hear about this;”
  • There is a flashback scene where we see Ant-Man and Wasp fighting together;
  • We see the Quantum Realm and what it looks like if you shrink to the size of a subatomic particle (interestingly, Feige has said that Ant-Man teases new visualizations of reality that will be used in Dr. Strange. Does this mean Dr. Strange and Ant-Man experience the same reality at some point?);
  • Hydra makes an appearance;
  • Stan Lee cameos as a bartender, and “lipsings to the narrator’s version of events...” Mr. Johnson opined that Stan sounded “gangsta;”
  • There is a mention of a certain wall crawling hero: “We have a guy who can jump, who can swing, who can crawl up walls.” (SQUEE!);
  • The Mid-Credit scene shows Falcon, Cap, and Winter Soldier. Cap and Falcon wonder if they can trust Tony Stark. Falcon tells Cap not to worry, he knows a guy (Lang); and
  • In the End-Credit scene, Pym reveals the second version of the Wasp suit he had been working on, and gives it to Hope to wear.


So there you go. If you read all that, don’t be mad at me, I didn’t move your eyes and comprehend it for you. YOU WANTED IT.