Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, since I'm officially back online as of today thanks to all hectic things being taken off my plate or over and done with, I had an idea for a post for the week but separate from my usual Wednesday Android Update one.

This one will just be a one off thing, unless there's some kind of demand/interest in a weekly thing, where I will show the customization abilities of Android and various launchers, focusing more on Nova and Themer.

For those unfamiliar with either, Nova is a "basic" Android launcher. You install it and it replaces your regular one, except it has tons of built in abilities to pretty much allow you to do more things than you can possibly imagine. Want to launch an app using a gesture? It'll do that. Want to change the stock icons to something else? It can do that too. Want to just go all in and change every single thing about the look of your device (short of actually changing the physical aspects of the device itself)? You can totally do that and then some!


Nova, for those wondering, is my go to launcher of choice. I've played with a few others but I always come back to it. Even on stock Nexus devices, which is mostly what I've owned. Hell, I've got it on my Moto X and that took awhile for me to work up the nerve to install and set as my default. That's more testament to the device itself and how amazing it is stock than anything else, but I do a lot of things that Nova makes easier. From launching the Gallery app using a one finger upward swipe to launching Reddit Sync Pro using a two finger upward swipe. I do a one finger pull down to bring down the Notification status bar and a two finger one for launching Quick Settings. I've got non-stock icons and I just switched from Click UI to an icon pack that is clearly Hera based and inspired.

And then there's Themer. This is a collaboration between the XDA community and the My Color Screen one. Basically, this makes putting custom themes on your phone as simple as selecting one and applying it. You can also download and sideload themes that aren't in the app yet or create your own and so on and so forth. There are a number of great looking themes on here, even a few that were ported over from previously created ones that you had to setup yourself.

So yeah, any interest? If so I'll edit and update this post with two examples I've used in the past for a long time which are Nova based and I'll put up two for Themer as well to keep things nice and even.

Let me know please. If interest is significant, I'll consider making this a weekly thing and spotlight home screens and themes worth trying out and keeping an eye on.

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