Last summer DrillPress did a great job of organizing a series of “Ask Me Anything” posts here on the Observation Deck. (If you want to see them just search “AMA” and they’ll start turning up about halfway down the first page of results.) Since that time we’ve added a lot of great new people to our community so I thought it might be a nice way to once again get to know one another.

Whether you did one last year and want to go again, you didn’t do one before but have since realized that you are actually interesting, or if you’re new around here and want your turn to be the center of attention let me know in the comments. If there’s enough interest (and no complaints from the mods) I’ll start putting together a schedule.

ETA: I should have mentioned for the sake of people who didn’t participate last year - it’s your AMA, you set the rules. What time to post on your scheduled day, how personal you’re willing to get, how long it takes to get back to people, how long you’re willing to leave it open to take new questions...

I’ll repost this a few times to be sure we haven’t missed anyone that wants to take part, then I’ll start hammering out the logistics.