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Anybody else ever watched Igor?

I had chores to do that involved a lot of sitting on a couch folding things, so I put up a movie. I chose Igor cause it was on Netflix and looked harmless enough.

I was pleasantly surprised. It has a lot of dark humor in it. For example, the movie's version of the "Hang in there" poster has an actual hanged cat on it. It also has countless references kids will miss, from characters straight out of the Fly, to a villain dressed exactly like Elton John (and introduced playing a piano.) Very interesting also is the fact that both the male and female lead are not conventionally attractive - or even attractive, period. Igor is a small, round hunchback with a big nose, and the female lead is also pretty strong-bodied, with a small angular head. But they are our heroes, and they are as courageous, noble and loveable as anybody else.


But by far the best part of the movie is Steve Buscemi's cynical, nihilistic immortal talking rabbit with a serious suicidal streak. Man is that a funny character.

So, in short, if you haven't seen Igor, its worth it, just for the rabbit.

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