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Anybody else got the plague????

I am on Day 9 of Flupocalypse 2013-2014. Holy hell this thing is/was awful. Just a slight chest cold at this point, but over the course of the past week I had some nasty symptoms. Anybody else dealing with it?

Share your story of near-death (that's what it felt like) below. My holiday break from working at a University was pretty much blown because of it. Here's a round-up of symptoms I had


* chills so bad I looked like I was having a seizure: this freaked me out the most, but thankfully only last about 1/2 hour.

* fever: capped out at about 103 F at one point. Lasted about 3 days on and off

* Sweating: when my fever breaks it's gross, but it's a good thing in the end

* headaches: intermittent

* vomiting: luckily only overnight day 1 to day 2.

* chest congestion/cough: this part is still with me but diminishing each day

* no appetite: on the plus side I lost 6 lbs over 3 days!

* body ache.

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