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Also known as "Defiance: An American Novel", It's a 1971 speculative fiction book about a Soviet-Occupied US and how an asocial, independent rancher will try to bring the system down after breaking out of a Soviet rehabilitation camp. It stars a gallery of misfits (dying old men, Spanish-Americans, Natives, a mentally challenged kid, a old gay man with a taste for teenagers, etc) trying to bring down that camp mostly because they are fed up with their lives and need a release. I just finished reading it for my Master thesis.


It's ideogicaly interesting, though sometimes uncomfortably racist and/or outdated. (Spanish-Americans are described as bloodthirsty killing machine.) It really emphasis how American society was rotten before the Soviet arrives, and the importance of individualism and self-determination.

However, my edition seemed to have been proofread by a monkey. God,I've never seen so many typos.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anybody ever came across it, and if yes, if you had any thoughts about it. And if you ever come across it cheap and wants a blast from the past, try it. I've read much worse (say, Dan Brown?)

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