Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Anyone else catch the Salem finale?

A lot of stuff went down that should make next season interesting. Spoilers ahead.

By now you would think Mary would know by now not to trust Isaac to carry out instructions. If the town of Salem survives it will because Isaac couldn't just do what he was told.


At least Isaac delivered the note to Cotton. Mary played the Mathers brilliantly. She got her 13th innocent and eliminated her biggest threat at the same time. Well played, ma'am. But Mercy is gunning for you so watch out.

What a stroke of luck that some indigenous people who apparently know who John Alden is happened by. I suppose he'll be back for the next season.

But it looks like Magistrate Hale and his wife won't be back since Anne Hale went full blown Carrie on them. Her story might be the best thing next season.

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