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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Anyone else read the conclusion to The Wake?

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I'm still processing that ending, and I might write up something more about the series as a whole later on, but I've just finished the final issue of Scott Snyder's scary mermaids comic, and I'm curious if anyone else on here read it, and what they thought if so. Spoilers inside.


That ending... Really came out of nowhere. I'm glad they didn't go too far with the weird existentialist stuff, which was my fear after issue nine ended with Leeward meeting Dr. Archer, but the "humans were the invaders" stuff was... Well, not where I thought we'd be going with this stuff.

I'm pretty confused about a few things, why the general suddenly switched sides, why the Mer were taking Dr. Archer and the other humans down to the ship, and that whole speech about tears causing people to forget things, much like the whole second half of this series, it feels like it could have used more time. I think that's the biggest problem the series had as a whole, the first five issues were so excellently paced, and so well written, that the second half just felt kind of rushed.


It's a really cool world, and if those last five issues had been expanded into an ongoing series, which could provide the proper worldbuilding and time to develop a lot of these plot beats (Leeward's adventures with the pirates lasted, what, a couple of pages?) I think it would have been stronger overall. The first half worked as a miniseries, and the second half still kind of did, but I just really wanted more time to learn about this world they'd created.

I dunno, still a really cool series, one I'm sad to see ending.

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