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Anyone Else Still Watching Krypton?

Syfy’s one-two space opera punch of The Expanse and Krypton makes it easier for someone like me to keep watching due to being too lazy to change channels. Of course Krypton suffers in comparison to The Expanse in pretty much every way but I’m not as negative on the show as the A.V. Club.


My main observation of the show is that it’s rather generic. You could strip out all the DC references and still have same show about political machinations on a world that’s not Earth as a powerful threat approaches from space. As the A.V. Club points out, this has a lot of similarities to the larger story of Game of Thrones.

Assorted Thoughts:

  • So the Voice of Rao is now also the Voice of Brainiac. That should align the interests of the various factions if they find out.
  • I’m still not fully clear on the Guilds and families. It looks like Kandor’s soldiers are all ranked. Are they all from ranked families like the Zods and Ems or are some raised up to rank to serve in the military? (“Service guarantees rank” is a good recruiting slogan.) That probably ensures loyalty but if the rankless get riled up enough and organized I don’t think the Sagitari can contain them.
  • Adam Strange doesn’t seem to have much purpose other than exposition and reminder that this show is connected to Superman. By the way, we haven’t seen the cape in a couple of episodes. When do you think we’ll see it again and how much of it will be gone?
  • Nyssa-Vex is using Seg for her own political purposes but the look on her face when Seg admits he loves Lyta-Zod suggests she might be developing some actual feelings for him. How long before the love triangle emerges since no one can resist the lure of a Scruffy Bad Boy?

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