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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Anyone else still watching Zero Hour?

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ABC is burning off the rest of season over the summer so I figured I'd watch. It looks like ABC pulled the plug just when the show was getting watchable. The WTF factor is still high but considerably toned down. Spoilers ahead.

  • So we find out the Big MacGuffin in the box is the True Cross, the cross that Jesus was crucified on. After the batshit stuff in the earlier episodes, that's actually a step down on the WTF scale so I'm rolling with it.
  • Hank's wife Laila isn't what she seems and now speaks with her native Australian accent. In context it sort of makes sense.
  • White Vincent had a crappy childhood being bullied because of his eyes. What a shocking surprise.
  • The plot hammers are still at work but the writers' motto is "Damn the plotholes! Full speed ahead!"

At this point I'd put it at the same level as Falling Skies (I know, not exactly high praise).

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