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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Anyone else watching Forever? (Spoilers)

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io9 seems to have stopped doing recaps, and there wasn't a new episode last night, but just wondering what other viewers thought about the past 2 episodes. I really liked them overall, especially since they had more on Henry and Abe's relationship, and didn't feature Henry being killed just so he could appear in a river somewhere.


The one with the Nazi-stolen art fleshed out Adam a bit more, and made him less pure evil with his promise to never harm Abe, especially because he too had been in an internment camp (and was expiremented on for his immortality), and the gift he left Henry at the end was even nice.

Which led to the revalation in the next episode that Abe actually shares an ancestry with Henry, so they're actually related. Cheesey, yes, but the way they played it with Abe being excited about it was pretty nice. And the main story where Henry is responsible for saving the life of a king and his next 2 generations of offspring was also a cool way to use his immortality in a story. Reminded me of some of the better Highlander: The Series episodes.

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