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Anyone else watching The Returned?

I wasn't even sure I got the Sundance Channel until I decided to catch this show. I know the Europeans have already seen it but it's new to me here in the U.S. Spoilers ahead.

One thing about the show is I really have to watch it without being distracted since it's in French and I need to read the subtitles. After two episodes I'm still not sure where the show is going other than GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT BOY!!!


Seriously, he looks like Damien Thorne's kid brother.

Two things really hooked me after the first episode. First was the reveal about Camille and Lena. When I realized they were twins, the way they both freaked out when they first saw each other made total sense. The other was demon boy standing in the road before the bud crash.

Please, no spoilers for after episode 2 in comments. I want to watch the show as cold as possible.

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