Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Anyone have a log cabin in the middle of nowhere i can live?

I need complete silence. At first I thought I was just getting old and grumpy before my time but this can't be right... its just getting worse.

Neighbours playing music too loud, the people above walking too hard, the woman behind me on the bus talking too loud... This is how it started and these are all normal things that annoy people but now, i'm finding myself getting pissed off at the fridge for humming too loud.

My work colleagues all seem to talk endlessly (they're really not though) and I just wish they'd shut up.


It's not physically painful nor am i hearing voices from a mile away (although i do have better than average range) so no superpowers!

Its just I find myself almost hunched over with stress from just a continual bombardment of really stupid noises, that no-one else would probably even notice (or care about). Floorboards creaking, chairs squeaking, window blinds rattling....

...and obviously, the more I freak out about it, the more I focus on it all. I think its actually driving me nuts.

I put some earplugs in the other week to try and help sleep and its was fabulous but the damn things are hard on the ears when worn for any lengthy amount of time after a few days.


I'm totally borked here and whilst alcohol seems tempting, i'm not quite that desperate!

Where's the damn rapture when you need one...

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